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As I suggested in my newsletters, I will share You my trainings material too. This trainings I made by one of my former employer for the top management and engineering.

This will give guidance on the presentations, which points should be taken into consideration during the implementation of the project. Compliance with these points can be used in any project, whether it's  NPI, manufacturing, logistics  and other projects. The documents I will describe  are usefull for each project, but must be customized, of course.

I do a trip into the quality assurance.

I deal the 5W method often used in quality assurance, projects implementation.

I learn about Lean Manufacturing fundamentally mentioned 7 loss factors. The key goal of Lean Manufacturing is to eliminate these factors, the loss of our processes.

I am often asked how I see, how can a company be successful. I usually answer by saying it should find itself each, plus there is no unique way.

It is not enough to plan the activities of these developments to be monitored, evaluated and measured as well. One of my training deal about measurement efficiency, rentability of production.

My trainings deal about the more commonly used method of organization of workplaces, with the 5S. This topic is closely related to 5 Why and Lean Manufacturing (losses) topics.

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