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My solutions

for You

After our trip in the field of quality assurance, I present again some of my solutions.

The database presented below deals with production management, summarizes and stores its data.

A simple, effective and easy solution that is guaranteed to get production experience productive work.

Production 1

This program is made to register, handle and evaluate all data spawn in / from production.
The program is able to handle all kind of data registered in the production.

1. Intall / Login:

1) You are ordering from me the program.
2) I will send You an installation set.
3) After installing and startup the program, the next menue will be displayed:

This window is used for selecting the communication language.

4) After selecting the language You will have the login menue.

This menue gives You the possibility to start different users with different rights. The rights are predefined based Your deffinition.

2. Main menue

This surface is made to collect all functions of the program.
The functions are sorted in three main groups.
   1. Data entry
   2. Evaluation
   3. Raw data

and in an additional function

   4. User logged in

3. Data entry

3.1 Production data

In this menue You can capture the data from the production
This data are sorted by CW and dates

3.2  Plan

In this menue You can preplan the manufacturing timing, partnumbers and quantity. It contains:
   1, Shift
   2, Customer
   3, Partnumber
   4, Quantity

This data are also sorted by CW and dates.

3.3  Maintenance

This menue is designed to register all maintenance and repair activities.
The registered activities can be evaluated in different queries.

   1. Date
   2. Machine nr.
   3. Maintenance description

3.4  Headcount

Production is depending not only on machines and technology. Human workforce is also needed.

This menue let You to register the headcount in different shifts. It contains:
-  Date
-  Shift
-  Direct label
-  DVO
-  Indirect

3.5  Users

In this menue You are able to define the users, its rights and manage its password.

This function is only available for users with supervisor or admin rights.

3.6 Failures

In this menue You can register all failures from the production.

4. Evaluation

In this chapter I will show You the integrated queries of the program.

4.1  Efficiency
This menue is for the evaluation of one of the most important KPI in the production.
-  Efficiency
-  Used hours
-  Daily efficiency
-  Combined query

4.2 Efficiency 1

This evaluation query is made for evaluation of the reached efficiency.

It is sorted by date, shift and customer.

4.3 Efficiency 2

By the registration of the production datas are also the used hours fixed.

To evaluate this parameter is built this query.

4.4 Efficiency 3

For the daily evaluations / discussions I generated a separate query.
On the picture You can see the result.

4.5 Efficiency 4

There is to much possibilyties to cover all combinations of the querys.

To ensolve it I made a combined query with thre predefined parameters.

5. Raw data

Before collecting the manufacturing datas, some basics has to be defined.

5.1 Partnumbers

The next menue is created for registering the products

All datas, registered here, will be listed / used in different querys.
Of course there is no need, to search for, It makes the relation database self.

5.2 Customers

Another basic parameter for the evaluation of the production are the customers.

This menue is made to register it. The menu contains:
  • Customer names.
  • Parameters about the customers.

5.3 Equipment

For the manufacturing You need workforce, material and equipments.

In this menue You can handle Your equipments.

Here You can handle Your equipments data.

5.4 HR

I mentioned in the previous sheet the workforce.

In this menue You can register all data from Your workforce, like.

   - Name
   - Shift
   - Status
   - Phone
   - etc.
5.5 Downtime

In the production You have not only used times then lost times too.

This time is called downtime. It can be for example:

   - Changeover
   - Missing material
   - Training
   - Repair
   - Other

5.6 Failure catalog

During manufacture, inevitably there are errors.
This menue is made to catalogise this errors.

6. Additional function
The program is multi-user by default.

This menue is made to see, who is using actual the program.

Here You can not only see the user, then send a message them.

In the next part my series I present a database to ensure the uninterrupted production and support conditions for creating a machine maintenance.
Best regards,
   Kovács Zoltán
Owner KZK Solutions 
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