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I last wrote about production. Now let's see what can be done to ensure that production can operate.
One very important factor in the maintenance.


This program is made to register, handle and evaluate all repair and maintenance data in / from production.
The program is designed to process improvement activities, evaluation, display and print them.

1. Intall / Login

  1) You are ordering from me the program.
  2) I will send You an installationset.
  3) After installing and startup the program, the next menue will be displayed:

This window is used for login and selecting the communication language.

  4) After selecting the language with the flags, You can login.

1.1 Change Your password

With this menue You can change Your default password, wich is usualy „1”.
After login You come to the main menu.

2. Main menue

This surface is made to collect all functions of the program.
The functions are sorted in different groups.
Of course every rights / level has a different availability of the functions.

The groups are as fallows:

1. Production lines                  6. Spare parts
2. Spare part suppliers          7. Downtime registration
3. Users                                 8. Querys
4. Responsibles                      9. Tasks
5. Machines                           10. Failure report

2.1 Production lines

All production contains prod,lines, cells or bays.
In this menue You can register and handle this.

Here You can add, change and search it. Take care by changing, it will change, as by all relation databases, the past data too.
2.2 Sparepart supplier

For repairs and other activities You have to order spareparts.
In this menue You can handle the contact details of the supplier, as:

   1, Name
   2, ZIP
   3, City
   4, Address
   5, Contact person
   6, Phone / FAX

2.3 Users

This menue is available only for users with admin or supervisor rights.
In this menue You are able to define the users, its rights and manage its password.
Details about the handling I offer for registered users in form of a Help file.

The handled fields are the followings:

   1. User name
   2. Password
   3. Hungarian right
   4. Second language right
2.4 Responsible

We have to order to all tasks a responsible person / function to.
This menue is made for this function.

The default values are:
  • Machine seter
  • Maintanence personal
  • Supplier service
You can add and remove all the time from the default values, but take care, removed responsible are removed for ever.
2.5 Machines

In this menue You can define Your machines and equipments, You have to maintain.

It contains the following:
  • Short name
  • Line
  • Full name
  • Type
  • etc.
From this menue You can open the surface to define the regularly activities.
2.6 Spareparts

In this menue You can register the parts, You need for the repairs.

It contains:
  • Supplier
  • Name
  • .Description
  • Storing place
and more usage possibilities.
2.7 Downtime registration

In this menue You can register the lost times, I mentioned already.

2.8 Queries

As by all databases here is also important to evaluate the registered datas.

The next chapters will give You an overview about the possibilities.
2.8.1 Query by supplier

The first query is to evaluate by the suppliers.

2.8.2 Downtime query

The second query evaluate the downtimes for a selected machine in free defined time.

2.8.3 Query by machines

The last described query is able to sort all downtimes for the selected machine.

2.9 Tasks

For the maintenance personal has to be fixed the tasks, they have to fulfill.
This menue is designed for this.

It contains the followings:
  • Machine
  • Taskdescription
  • Date is fulfilled
2.9.1 Open tasks

This query is designed to list all still open, not ready tasks.
Here You can close the tasks, by adding a date, or collect the target informations.

2.9.2 Task order

By printing an order You can give the maintenance personal the list of its work.
They have to confirm the fulfillment with its signature.
At the botton of the printed page is a short instruction from the maintenanceleader.
2.10 Failure report

The next menue is designed to give the possibility for the production personal for signalising a reparature need.

It contains the following:
  • machine
  • order date
  • order time
  • task
  • take back date
  • take back time
The order date and ordet time is needed to measure the reaktionsspeed of the maintenance.
The take back date and time gives information about the production, if the work was realy urgent.

3. Maintenance

On this surface You can describe the activities with the responsible person.

It contains:
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • quartal
  • half year
  • yearly
If You click on the magnifacion glas, You will become a new menue.
With it You are able to print the different maintenance reports for the actual machine.

It is designed to print the instructions and acting on the machines.
In the following parts of my series, I present the possibility of the introduction of Autonomous Maintenance (TPM) included in the lean manufacturing within the framework of a workshop.
Best regards,
   Kovács Zoltán
Owner KZK Solutions 
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