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In my education, I show how firms made up for the 5S Guide. Every company is recommended after the preparation of such a 5S training manual to freshen their knowledge workers at any time that you have mastered.

This handbook is recommended to place an image that represents modifications made by the workers, their result.


 5S manual

First, let's see how well built the 5S points of each other.


What is 5S?

5S is a methodology originated in Japan, which is the creation and maintenance of a quality work environment targets. The so-called 5S. Is an integral part of the Toyota production management system, the major part of Taichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo developed, later leading US companies also further developed the methodology, which is seeing more and more success in taking over the industry.

Its name comes from the initial letters of five Japanese words:

  Seiri: Removal of unnecessary things in the workplace

Sorts the necessary things that can easily be reached

  Seiso: Cleaning the workplace
  Seiketsu: Occupational maintain a high level of organization

Training of staff to follow the principles of self-system


What is 5S?

  The order of the steps is very important, since it is not efficient to do things sorted, cleaned, or that are not required to carry out the work.

So when a 5S action first determine what are the items that are absolutely necessary to perform the job, the other objects removed from the workplace.

Then the items needed are arranged so that they are transparent and have the ergonomic layout of the work to assist.

Then, to the extent necessary for the work area is cleaned.

The final step is to set forth the rules in work instruction.

All this in order to keep the sustainability of the areas audited


What is and what is the scope?


The 5S typically includes the following:

  • floor markings;
  • development of storage devices;
  • standard work clothes;
  • decoration and corporate identity regulations;
  • cleaning standards;
  • garden resolutions.

The 5S covers:

  • production areas;
  • warehouses;
  • offices;
  • social skills and common areas (eg, hallways, stairwells, lobbies.);
  • outdoor areas.


Why introduce?

What can be obtained in the case of the successful introduction of 5S:

  • Work more efficiently (less loss time)
  • Easier solicitation (right customer first impressions)
  • Better quality (high level of quality consciousness)
  • Means a longer life
  • Lower inventory levels
  • Smaller footprint
  • Make shorter shift times
  • Less waste (better materials and ran product management)
  • Right-being at work


A random examples: 


Customer visits essential item on the agenda of the factory visit.

The buyer has collected personal experience plays a major role in future decisions.


What does this mean for us?


Assignment of storage locations on the floor

All materials, containers, machinery and equipment can be selected only at the floor.

This is not only the place of storage, but the maximum amount that can be stored in the area is determined.

The storage sites marking the marking will help us identify the differences (for example, a lot of material also allows for the mixing), the definition of priorities (which you can see is the goods immediately process) thus facilitating the allocation of resources.

Statutes that only indicate that move from its place in the daily processes, it is always.

You can designate staining (rarely changing areas) or check tape (often changing areas) as well.

Damaged markings should be improved or replaced.


Floor Marking color codes

It is recommended that you use the following site-colored floor markings:

Nominations 50mm wide, industrial marking tape or 50mm wide strip paint done.

The above table is the necessary places prominently posted in the halls.


Floor marking, color coding on the floor plan

  Substance or car, can be at the marked places only


Floor marking, color coding in practice

  Material only at marked places Location of each mobile, easily movable object must be marked completely around
  Semi-finished products buffer
  Already qualified product
  Qualifying site For machines must be equipped with the floor of the corners of the L-shaped mark.
  Scrap collection
  MRB waiting for decision


Floor marking, color coding area of the commission

Below is shown in the implementation of kanban designation in field of commision

  If you are not already in the red material storage location to be any activity interspersed with containers filled !!!
  If the yellow storage space is empty, the current activity can be completed yet, but after that, the reservoir must be filled.
  If all three material storage location, no intervention is required in relation to the candidate locations more material is not allowed


Material Storage Methods I.

  Do not store material before or between the warehouse shelves. Goods to be stored on shelves in an orderly and packaging intact.
Material can be strictly stored in the designated location!
Avoid material storage direct on the production floor. Material should always be stored in the place marked on wagons. The simple solutions exhibit acceptable if ordered image.


Material Storage Methods II.

  Always store the frequently used tools developed for the container. Pay special attention to this at the end of the working period.
  Use this to store small parts storage system-all.
  Fasteners can be designed to store only the container.


Work instructions


The work instructions should always be kept in the workplace for the selected store.

Work order for the operation to be carried out just prior to the study.

 The work instructions holder includes:
  • work instructions;
  • error catalogs;
  • maintenance sheets;
  • any complaint.




The floor of a small amount of waste is allowed due to the technology in the workplace. In particular, however, are the large amounts of waste.

They have to throw the remote communal collection baskets

The work tables, chairs, production facilities clean, in good condition, adhesive labels and other materials should be kept clean.

The purity of each employee's responsibility, not only by cleaning personal!


Information boards


The only information boards up to date information may be displayed. The only signs of the predetermined content may be displayed.

The boards of the 5S audit results can also be displayed.


Who is responsible for what?

What is the responsibility of workers

  • In their place of work as described in the manual for compliance
  • The 1-3 step of 5S continuous implementation (grading, sorting, cleaning)
  • Work instructions for compliance
  • For a clean job

What is the responsibility of the quality assurance department and the senior

  • Ongoing implementation of 5S Audit
  • Drawing up action on the basis of 5S audit results
  • Changes in the interest for the "good first" principle implementation

What is the responsibility of the engineering / technology

  • For the implementation of visualizations described in the manual 
  • Increase the efficiency in order to further develop
  • Ergonomic design for jobs


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