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5S (Part 3)

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Published by Z. Kovács in Lean · 1 July 2021
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In the third part of my 5S series, I would like to demonstrate the implementation of the first point of 5S through a presentation at a Workshop.

The theoretical part will be familiar with the previous two pieces of the series, then go step by step through the implementation of the Workshop.

Who does not know what "effective" in the offices can accumulate unused office supplies, filing cabinets, the papers do not even talk about.

Such an overhaul of office undertook in the framework of the Workshop the employees.

5S statutes:

“Let all of this place and everything is in place”

Knowing the above conditions are first determined what subjects, documents be provided.

Office definitions

  • Raw materials, components or materials (inputs): documents, information, reports, email, paper, toner, manuals, procedures, books, CD-ROMs, etc.
  • Machines/equipment (cannot be easily moved, expensive): CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk, filing cabinet, furniture, chair, telephone, cabinets, fax, printer, cables, laptop.
  • Finished Products (Outputs): Forecast, P.O., Production Plan, Repair Measures, Reports, Work Instructions, Procedures, Emails, Documents, DECISIONS, etc.
  • Work in Progress (work has started but has not yet been completed)
  • Tools, hand tools (easy to move): Software, pen, calendar, coffee cup, file holder, file organizer, patterns, folder, bag, PDA, stapler etc.

Sorting, Select tools required

  • It must be noted. what are the objects, tools, equipment, etc. work in terms of necessary and sufficient for the implementation of workflows.
  • The rest should be removed from the work areas:
    • take back
    • disposal
    • dumping.
  • established labeling (see below) was used.wellThe selection of the

What needs to be thrown away …

Seiri = Sorting

The sorting process flowchart of my previous education has been shown to describe.

The figure marked, where we use the red labels, cards.

To be placed on all objects, the device after completing the cards.

Once the placement of cards everywhere, and these are summarized in a table were harvested.
Determine the way forward on the basis of aggregation.

The proper use of the frequency of the organization

Shown in the figure below, is determined on the basis of what is the way forward.

They should be taken on the basis of the executive group consensus.

Let's see what they contain red tags:

  • Denomination
  • Classification
  • Commodity
  • Machine
  • Work in progress (WIP)
  • Tool
  • Finished product
  • Others
  • Quantity
  • Root
  • Unnecessary
  • It is urgent
  • Faulty
  • Unknown
  • Residue
  • Others
  • Responsible
  • Action
  • Liquidation
  • Other storage location
  • Return to owner
  • Shipping container
  • Others
  • Date

Before the introduction of 5S

Here's how it looks in the office of the settlement before the review.

As can be seen in the pictures, is not really directed a number of subjects in which no business is not there.

After the introduction of 5S

Implemented measures taken can be seen much more transparent, orderly became the office.

It is also free to leave out of consideration the amount of space freed up much better to hand all we use.


If you look at the image below, I look forward to the comments, if you can face, wondering how it looked on the job before the settlement.

I welcome all comments, suggestions on how to do better.

It is important that in addition to the workers will learn the basics of 5S thinking, constantly support them in achieving this and make them an easy to understand documentation. To do a manual suggest 5S.

For one of the next part of the series, I will show you an example.

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